The perfect man is 15 years older than you

He’s also taller and stronger

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If you’re aiming for perfection, you may have to wait – according to new research, the perfect man is 35 years old.

Participants in a study were asked to rate faces and unsurprisingly settled upon rugged 35-year olds who were slightly taller than average.

The most attractive characteristics were found in men with more classically masculine looks and imposing statures.


The ideal man is probably closer to your dad’s age

The study, carried out by St Andrews University researchers, showed a selection of faces to a panel of 600 volunteers, who ranked the men in terms of “dominance”

The highest scores were given to dominant-looking men in their mid-thirties – and research head Carlota Batres insists we shouldn’t be surprised.

She said: “A dominant appearance in male faces is associated with a variety of social outcomes, ranging from high rank attainments of cadets in the military to high levels of sexual activity in teenage boys.

“Dominant people are also favoured as leaders during times of intergroup conflict and are more successful leaders in the business world.”

Professor David Perrett said: “Such perceptions may also follow reality: taller men being more formidable opponents and strength increasing with age until a man gets to his mid-thirties.

“Plus, by 35, a man has likely built up enough knowledge to make him seem authoritative or even cunning.”

Famous 35-year olds include Superman actor Henry Cavill, male model David Gandy and, at the time of his death, seminal composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.