New stats show we are more right wing than the general public

We’re no longer tree huggers

Rampant Tories appear to be creeping in to the university bubble as new stats show we’re becoming more right wing.

Research from YouGov this week shows students are more right-wing than the general public on core economic issues.

Unsurprisingly we are far more interested in the tuition fee debate than anything else, with 43 per cent of us rating it as a top issue compared with six per cent of average British adults.

On issues like tax and minimum wage, we are more right wing than the public, adopting the right-wing view of a low minimum wage and low top rate of tax.

We said we’re more right wing on House of Lords reform, tax, nationalisation, euthanasia, positive gender discrimination, vivisection, redistribution of wealth and the minimum wage.

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The red shows the topics students are most right wing about

In keeping with the stereotypical tree-hugging student, we are more inclined to the left way of thinking when it comes to climate change and immigration.

But our stance on capital punishment is the most drastically left-wing when compared with the average British adult, with forgiving students taking a strong anti-death penalty position scoring 18.9 per cent compared with their older counter parts.

Bae xx

Bae xx

We’re clearly a capitalist bunch, given that we are pro-privatisation of national utilities and 3.51 per cent more right wing than everyone else when it comes to redistribution of wealth.

While these findings conflict with the traditional perceptive of UK students, they seem to indicate an awareness of the costs of monetary success and a growing preference of capitalist values.



Some speculate it’s a back lash to the increase in tuition fees and a subsequent increased sense of entitlement to wealth, but whatever the reason for the shift it’s clear we’re more Daily Mail than Guardian.