Exposed: 164 uni staff caught on cheating website Ashley Madison

It’s a sordid website for extramarital affairs

Over 150 horny university staff and lecturers have been discovered on Ashley Madison – a seedy cheating website for married people. 

We found Geography tutors, librarians, careers staff and even a college gardener are allegedly using the site for extramarital hook-ups.

A whopping 164 of our uni staff had their personal details and sexual fantasies leaked by hackers. Sexual fantasies included threesomes and bondage ALL with married people.

The sordid Ashley Madison website tells users: “Life is short. Have an affair” – and our lecturers were not the only ones caught on the infidelity database.

We trawled through reams of leaked data and uncovered 1700 university emails ending in At least 150 of those are university staff – and the rest could be students at your university.

Queen’s University Belfast had more signups than any other uni, while Lincoln came out as the cleanest.

Cambridge has more love rats than Oxford, while Aberdeen is the dirtiest uni in Scotland.

How many Ashley Madison cheaters were exposed at your uni?

How many Ashley Madison cheaters were exposed at your uni?

Surprisingly, Manchester turned out to be the most innocent Russell Group uni with only 10 signups to Ashley Madison.

Meanwhile York, Exeter and Nottingham all had around 30 signups each.

But the undisputed top uni for cheating turned out to be Queen’s University Belfast with a staggering 50 members on Ashley Madison.

This was closely followed by Aberdeen and Glasgow Caledonian.

The dating website – which promotes extramarital affairs – was hacked by a group calling themselves The Impact Team despite describing themselves as the “world’s leading married dating service for discreet encounters”.

The personal and financial details of over 37 million users worldwide were taken in July.

The hacking group then followed up on their threat by releasing the data to the world yesterday morning, saying the people using the hook-up site were “cheating dirtbags”.

The site revealed how cheaters boasted of their sexual prowess and used bizarre chat up lines.

According to Mail Online, one user wrote: “I like to ravish and be ravished… I like lots of foreplay and stamina, fun, discretion… even willingness to experiment,” finishing with a smiley face.

Another said: “I love it when I’m called and told I have 15 minutes to get to someplace where I’ll be greeted at the door with a surprise – maybe lingerie, nakedness.”


An advert from Ashley Madison who promise to keep your secret safe

Each user also says what they like in a partner and what they want in the bedroom. They pick from two numbered menus of different passions and sexual desires to find the perfect match to cheat with.

Some of the options included experimenting with tantric sex, threesomes and tranvestitism.

The second list gives cheater the chance to say what they want in sex, like someone with good hygiene, a bad boy and even a father figure.

Celebrities and politicians are some of the thousands accused of cheating by using Ashley Madison.

Anyone signing up to Ashley Madison does not have to use their own email address. They can lie about their body type and even their birthday – the most popular day to say you were born on Ashley Madison was Valentine’s Day.