We asked young people how fluid their sexuality is

Nearly half of us see ourselves as something other than completely straight

A recent YouGov survey revealed that nearly half of us identify as something other than 100 percent straight.

We spoke to some East London hipsters about their sexuality. Most identified themselves as at least somewhat incidentally gay, though were more divided on whether sexuality can be fluid.

Leona and Katie, 19 and 20, Au Pairs

“Completely straight. There’s definitely fluidity. Loads of people change.”


Annessa, 30, Fitness instructor

“60% straight. Yes, sexuality is fluid.”


Micah, 33, Graphic designer

“Completely straight,. So much into women – but I think others could be fluid.”


Christian, 27, Designer

“50/50. Yes, fluidity exists.”


Kate and Emily, 23 and 26, Bartenders

“50/50” and “between 80 and 90%”

“Sexuality is definitely like boxes. I was always like boxes on scales. It always moves.”


Tyler, 24, creative

“90% gay. Definitely fluid”


John, 32, Fitness Instructor

“About 70% straight, sexuality is fluid.”


Peter, 25, Barber

“I’m completely gay. I think it’s fluid, people change.”


Jonas, 34, Swedish fitness instructor

“I’m 70% gay. Of course sexuality is fluid.”


Nina, 41, professional stylist

“Almost completely straight”

“It’s not fluid. Everyone has desires and sometimes those desires just change. It’s not fluidity if the desires are already there.”


Dominic, 22, creative

“Completely gay”

“I guess so, I don’t think I’m fluid though.”


Emily and Sarah, 27 and 48, fashion and wedding planning

“About 40%, because I’ve kissed my girl friends.” and “completely straight, “Sexuality is absolutely fluid. My best friend, I would marry. Not sex though.”