Scouse and Brummie are the worst accents in the country

Nobody likes northerners apparently

The Brummie and Scouse accents are officially the worst in the UK according to a new study.

But on the brighter end of the scale, if you come from Southern Ireland your voice is considered the most attractive.

YouGov quizzed over 2000 people on which dialect was the easiest on their ears, with other sexy accents including Welsh and surprisingly enough Yorkshire.

They wanted to find out which of the 12 main accents in Britain were considered attractive or unattractive.

Also extremely popular was received pronunciation, so you’ll do well if you chat the Queen’s English.

While harsher northern tones from Manchester, Liverpool and midlands Birmingham were considered the biggest turn offs.


Back in March you voted received pronunciation as the most attractive accent, but now it looks like everyone’s been won over by the soft Irish dialect.

But it’s bad news above the border, as Northern Irish was considered one of the worst.

The survey also found huge differences in favourite accent by age.

Over-60s went wild for West Country voices, but only 22 per cent of 18-24 year-olds found it attractive at all.

This is completely the opposite for the Northern Ireland accent, as 54 per cent of us admitted it made us want to hear more – but our grandparents couldn’t stand it.

What’s more, the Newcastle accent also has a greater appeal to older people as they probably haven’t seen Geordie Shore.

Unsurprisingly, people also tend to prefer hearing an accent they’re familiar with.

Native Londoners gave cockney a high score, while those from Glasgow ranked it as one of their lowest.