Revealed: The hardest unis to get into

Oxbridge won, obviously

Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial and LSE are the hardest unis to get into, while Leeds Beckett is one of the easiest.

Meanwhile it’s not difficult to get a place at the mid-range Russell Group big guns, as Manchester came in 19th place, Leeds 20th and Birmingham at 23rd.

The Complete University guide revealed the hardest entry standards, based on the amount of UCAS points needed to get in.

Warwick narrowly beat Bath to make a place at the top 10, while Strathclyde is harder to get into than their neighbours at Glasgow.


How does your uni rank for entrance standards?

Cambridge established its dominance over Oxford after being named the hardest uni to get into.

The gap is narrowing between the scouse unis as Liverpool came just 19 places ahead of John Moores.

And St Andrews confirmed it’s place as the best uni in Scotland as the 6th hardest uni to get a spot at, while Edinburgh fell into 9th.