A recruitment professional rates your Facebook profile pics

She wasn’t very nice

Navigating the world of grad jobs can be a tall task. And in these troubled times of employers being able to track your cyber footprint all the way from your troubled teens to your Gap year journey of self-discovery, it’s harder than it’s ever been to appear presentable.

Employers are widely known to check Facebook thoroughly when making a new hire, so we spoke to a careers expert and she rated and slated every type of profile picture you could possibly have.

Lucy from DMU

Lucy from DMU

Lucy Madahar is Head of Careers and Employability at DMU and went through some sample pics to give an idea of what employers might think.

The fancy dress pic


Oh my god, what on earth are you trying to say to your prospective employer? I would say for any type of job you might be applying for, (even in the creative sector), this is totally inappropriate. This might be OK for your friends, but an employer will take one look at this and run a mile.


The political one


This is an interesting image to use as it shows you in action, fighting for a cause you believe in. For some employers, this image will be totally acceptable – applying for a political organisation for example.

However, perhaps the more corporate employers might look negatively upon this image – seeing you as a trouble-causer, a political loudmouth and someone they should not employ. So think about the type of employer who are applying to and use appropriate images.


The predrinks one


Another image that would not be suitable if you were using Facebook to promote yourself to an employer. Grace’s off-the-shoulder number might not be deemed suitable attire and added to the fact that she is seemingly worse for wear and holding an alcoholic beverage, might give the wrong impression to prospective employers.


The end of the club pic


If this is a profile of him wanting the leading role in “Jesus Christ Superstar” , then the image is fine. But would you really want a prospective employer seeing you semi-naked. What do you think is going to happen to your job application – a big rejection, that’s what.


The thug life pic


A definite no, no under any circumstances. You’re more likely to get the Police taking an interest in your Facebook profile than a prospective employer.


The vibesy couple pic


Have this image as your Facebook profile at your own risk. Apart from looking drunk or drugged, you both look like a pair of Bonnie and Clydes. Is this really the impression you want to give a prospective employer?

By all means, include images of you out and about; but lose the alcohol, the sunglasses and the drunken looks.


The carefree pic


This is actually quite a nice image to have on your Facebook. You’re having fun at a fairground, enjoying yourself. You’re not doing anything to excess but it does give the impression of someone who is socially confident.


The grad pic


This is a nice photo, showing a nice graduate, with a nice mum on a nice day. It’s very nice! Some employers like “nice”; but would all employers like to see a rather clingy mum overpowering her daughter? Choose another image if you don’t want to come across as “nice”.


The ‘finding myself in Asia’ pic

tom murrary

This is my favourite photo and the top scorer. It’s a wonderful piece of imagery – a sunset over foreign lands and the young dynamic man in a thoughtful pose. I think a lot of employers would like to see more of this as it gives the impression of a person with a global outlook, who wants to have fun and see the world, but at the same time can be serious and contemplative.


The city break pic


Erm, not quite sure about this. Is it an image of two young business entrepreneurs or a couple of lads having a lounge around. Perhaps not the most appropriate or flattering image.

If it is two business entrepreneurs, then perhaps an image of them selling to the public. If it’s an image of two layabouts , then delete it as your main Facebook image – an employer might get the impression that you’re lazy, lounge around and won’t be productive employees.


The celeb selfie


As your main Facebook image, images of you with a celebrity or high profile individual  are for me a no-no. It gives the impression of being superficial and a celebrity chaser! Also, be careful who you include in your images; an employer might dislike that high profile individual and assume you hold the same views or behaviours as they do.


The urban explorer


A positive and dynamic image of a young man visiting foreign parts – employers generally like this sort of image. It gives the impression of someone who wants a challenge, likes trying new things and not afraid of different experiences.