Sex workers should be punished by their unis, say staff

Pornstars and escorts would face disciplinaries

Naive lecturers would punish students who work in the sex industry.

Having a job as an escort, pornstar or glamour model could land you in trouble, because joyless anoraks would bring disciplinary action against you if they think you’re bringing the uni into disrepute.

But now research conducted by the Student Sex Worker Project at Swansea said universities should take a more supportive approach and not police our lives.

The report said: “There are widespread inaccurate perceptions regarding the legality of various kinds of sex work.”

And Jade Buxton, who was also a pornstar at university under the name Carly Rae Summers, wants lecturers to have a greater understanding.


Jade said lecturers are sometimes ignorant

The Manchester Met fashion grad said: “Lecturers don’t get involved enough. Mine were very laid back. Unless you go to them they wouldn’t know anything about it.

“They wouldn’t understand what was going on or the mindset you’re in when you’re doing this sort of thing. They gave me a number for student support and they did what they needed to do.

“My uni were very supportive. They called me to the office to check I was ok and not being forced into it. A bad word was never said to me, they were very nice about it. But I don’t know what it’s like at other universities.”

Swansea’s team contacted 106 staff members at unis in Wales, finding many failed to understand the demands and lifestyle of a life in the sex industry – with many thinking it’s illegal to sell sex in a private place.


Some staff would punish students if they found they worked in the sex industry

The report said: “Universities’ responsibilities lie not in censoring or policing what their students do away from the campus but in ensuring their well-being on it.

“There needs to be an individualised approach to student sex workers with a heightened attention to student confidentiality.”