Hotspot unis for finding ‘the one’

You’re most likely to meet the love of your life during the next three years

Edinburgh Uni is top for finding love and a third of us will meet “the one” while at uni, according to a new study.

Bristol and Liverpool were also hotspots for bagging a boyfriend or girlfriend.

A survey from the University of Surrey discovered you’re more likely to meet the love of your life in Edinburgh than if you study across the border in Newcastle.

You have 53 per cent chance of meeting your future partner in class if you go to uni in the Scottish capital.


A third of all students found that special someone at uni

Meanwhile Bristol and Liverpool students are 46 per cent likely to meet “the one” at uni.

There’s more love in the air on the romantic rowing boats of Cambridge than Oxford, as you’re six per cent more likely to discover bae on the banks of the River Cam.

On the bottom end of the table, Newcastle might be good for pulling but it’s only short lived as just 14 per cent of Toon students found long-term love there.

Leeds and Manchester float around the middle of the ranking tables and they’re also pretty mid range for love – with a 30 and 28 per cent chance of meeting “the one” respectively.

Researchers at Surrey asked just over 1000 people if they met their significant other while at uni.


Will you meet the person you’ll marry while at uni?

Aside from love, making friends is obviously a big part of uni too.

The survey found that 43 per cent of us will meet or have already met our best friend while studying.

What’s more, 39 per cent of graduates between the ages of 55 and 64 are still friends with the people they met at uni.

Impressively, 37 per cent of grads over the age of 65 still keep in touch with their old mates.

Just under half of those surveyed admitted socialising say their favourite part of uni.

20 per cent most enjoyed nights and strangely enough twelve per cent said their favourite part was classes and seminars.

Dr David Ashton, Vice-President and Registrar of the University of Surrey said: “University isn’t just about growing academically, it is also about personal development.

“We see our students gain independence and new friends, so it’s wonderful to hear that the friends and loved ones people meet at university, remain in their lives long after graduation.”

Last year UEA lovebirds Kate Wood and James Carter got engaged just three months after meeting in fresher’s week.

The 19-year-olds met on the badminton team social in the very first week of uni and Kate says she fell for Computer Science first year James straight away.


James and Kate met in their first week and got engaged just three months later

Politics fresher Kate said: “When I got home I told all my flatmates I had met someone really special.

“We knew we didn’t want to be with anyone else, and we hadn’t felt this way about anyone else.”

But although they jumped into an engagement quickly, the confetti might be a while off yet.

Kate said: “We want to get married after university, no uni weddings or uni babies for us!”