More than half of us aren’t happy with our performance in bed

We need to experiment more

More than half us think we’re dull in bed.

Research conducted by relationship counsellors Relate found only 45 per cent of us are happy with our performance in the bedroom.

Experts blame one night stands, and warn we need to experiment more in our sexual prime.

Even more disappointingly, 51 per cent of us say they haven’t had sex in the last month.

Experts say don't stay monogamous but don't rate yourself by your number

Experts say don’t stay monogamous but don’t rate yourself by your number

They added young people mistakenly think they need to have sex with lots of people – or even only have sex with one person.

Relationship expert Cate Campbell told The Tab: “There are lots of people who aren’t terribly thrilled about their sex lives. But having said that there’s a lot of pressure to have a great sex life.

The sad thing is young people feeling validated by the number of sexual partners they have. Having sex with lots of people is great but thinking you have to have loads of partners to be better, or equally that you have to have a full time romance, is daft.”

Previously PornHub said our parents are having more sex than us and have better stamina. But Campbell claims stats suggest young people are better at practising safer sex than older generations.

She added: “Actually we’ve noticed younger people are having more grown up attitudes towards sex and are being more open to new ideas and different kinds of ogamies. They’re not monogamous and they’re having great hook-up sex as well as full time relationships.

“The problem they have is talking about things.”

Counsellor Cate Campbell thinks we should experiment more

Counsellor Cate Campbell thinks we should experiment more

And because we’re feeling the pressure to up our number, Cate thinks some might feel coerced into having sex.

She said: “The pressure at uni has always been extremely high. A lot of women say there is coercion to join in a laddy culture, which suits some and not others. It probably isn’t good and neither is feeling under pressure.

“What you do have now is tinder and a hook-up culture, and sometimes it can really work but sometimes it can put a lot of pressure on you.

“I think a lot of young people probably just think about the sex and not the quality of the sex. Uni it should be where you’re experimenting. Some people are interested in finding out what they are comfortable doing, and hopefully you shouldn’t feel under as much pressure later on.

“It’s easier now for young people to have more sex. Hook-up apps give you the opportunity to meet people you might not meet, but at uni there’s always loads of people around anyway that you can make friends with and possibly have sex with.”