Police warn against deadly ‘Rolls Royce’ pills

They’ve been linked to the death of a teenager in Cumbria

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Police have stamped down on pills with Rolls Royce logos, saying they may be to be blame for the death of a teenager in Cumbria.

Hundreds of the pills have been seized by Devon & Cornwall police, who have warned of their “dangerous” nature.


The drugs have been linked to the death of Christian Pay, 18, who died at Kendal Calling festival earlier this year.

Christian’s friend Jordan Blackburn also fell seriously ill after taking the pills, later posting a picture of himself in a coma on Facebook.

In the post, he said: “Many lives over the weekend, not just those lost, but the familys (sic) of those involved have been destroyed – including my own by the careless use of uppers at festivals, or any other time for that matter.”

The new batch were seized at a nightclub in Newquay earlier this week, with a 23-year-old man having been arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply.


Police are now urging people to avoid the pills. Inspector Dave Meredith said: “This is a particularly dangerous batch of ecstasy, and whilst we have seized this batch there is a good chance that more remains in the area.

“The tablets are yellow/orange in colour, rectangular in shape and have a distinctive Rolls Royce (RR) logo.

“Tablets similar to this have been linked to the death of a teenager and also left a number of people hospitalised in Cumbria.

“If you have purchased this drug and yet to have taken it, then please surrender them to us – they are dangerous; if you take them they are potentially fatal.

“We won’t be arresting you and prosecuting you – these drugs are that dangerous we need to get them off the streets.”