Two thirds of freshers think results will be the worst day of their life

Bless them

A staggering sixty per cent of A-level students claim the day they pick up their grades will be the worst of their life.

Forget dissertation results or the shame of getting a 2:2, the thing these prospective freshers fear most is missing out on their top choice uni.

And a third said mum and dad were making them feel worse about picking up results in case they didn’t make the grade.

What’s more, the perky new freshers are just as unprepared for the dreaded results day this Thursday as we were.

Just 70 per cent admitted they wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t get their predicted grades, according to a study by The Student Room and the University of Bradford.

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Worst day ever

24 per cent are winging it and are “just hoping for the best” while 35 per cent confessed they “still need to do more research” if they don’t make their predictions.

Chemistry masters student Rory Bourke, went to Bradford after going through clearing.

He said: “The months and days leading up to results day were really stressful.

“I was panicking I wouldn’t get the results and to top it off, my parents were panicking too, which made me worse.

“Essentially, because neither me or my parents didn’t know where to turn to for help, it just made the whole process a lot more stressful than it needed to be.

“Loads of universities have top tips available for what to do, and it’s obvious; in the run up to results day research options available; visit universities or give them a call and on the day be prepared to make a lot of phone calls.”

If you don't get your grades there's always the pub

If you don’t get your grades there’s always the pub

Claire Pryke, Head of Admissions from the University of Bradford said: “Our overriding message to university applicants is to plan ahead and be prepared for results day.

“We’ve been working hard with teachers and students at schools and colleges for several months now to get this message across.

“We’ve also produced a short film which highlights the variety of options open to students and the importance of planning ahead, so that results day holds no fear, whatever happens.

“With just a few days left before results day there are still some key things which you can do to get organised, such as making a list of courses at alternative universities and getting in touch with them now.”

Jack Wallington, Community Director of The Student Room, said: “If you don’t get the grades you’re hoping for on results day, it will be disappointing, but don’t panic.

“You have lots of options in front of you by entering clearing, taking a gap year and seeking the 24/7 advice on our website.

“I would also encourage parents to be particularly mindful at this time. We know parents are among the most influential people in students’ lives and can unintentionally add to stress on such an important day.

“The advice is the same for parents as it is for students: research ahead of time and be prepared for all options to avoid panic.”