Third year who earns thousands a day gambling gives season betting tips

He doesn’t think Chelsea are going to win the league

A finalist who has raked in over £20,000 on sports bets has given his top tips for the new football season. 

Since starting uni, Charlton Bird has gambled around £60,000 and made a huge £20,500 profit.

The Business Management student at Manchester Met who went all in on his loan has predicted who will win the league, who will drop off and what to expect this year.


A winning style, apparently

Arsenal to win the Premier League

Charlton told the Birmingham Mail: “Even though it’s very tight this year, they should be top of the table by Christmas as they have a easier first half of the season fixtures wise.”

Newcastle, Watford and Norwich to be relegated

After a brief stint back in the top flight, Charlton reckons Newcastle will join poor Norwich and newcomers Watford on the way down.

Wolves to get promoted

Charlton said: “I am also going to have a bet on Wolverhampton to get promoted as they came so close to the playoff last year finishing 7th and only losing out on goal difference.”

Birmingham City to finish in the top half of the table but not make the playoffs

The tipster thinks his local Championship side Birmingham City will do well but won’t be able to make it into the fight for promotion.

Serena Williams to win the US open

Outside of football, Charlton has previously bagged £1,100 when Serena Williams won Wimbledon back in July.

He thinks you can do the same by placing a bet on the American tennis titan to win the Grand Slam in September.


Charlton start gambling because he was sick of surviving off the cheapest food

But he admits he isn’t always on a winning streak- and even lost £5,000 in one single bet this summer.

Charlton wrongly backed Ivory Coast against Cameroon in the Africa Cup.

He said: “The game ended 0-0 as they hit the woodwork twice and had a winger sent off.

“Ivory Coast ended up winning the whole competition which was annoying. If I put the money on that instead I would of got it at 12/1, and made £60,000.”

But back in good form, Charlton correctly predicted Aston Villa would beat Bournemouth over the weekend.

Before the game he said: “Even with their new captain Gabby Agbonlahor injured they should be able to pull off a draw with their new signings against newly promoted side Bournemouth.

“Villa will be looking for all three points as the away games are not going to get any easier.

“It would help keep there head above water from the relegation zone this season after coming close last year.”


The guy on the left probably gives out better tips

Back in January, Charlton explained his motivation for taking on the bookies.

He told The Tab: “I was just sick of eating Sainsbury’s basic in first year.

“After rent it was all I could afford. So I started with £1000 of my student loan and here I am today.

“I’m betting thousands. It’s all based on stats so I do accumulators.

“I need to know stuff about every single player: injuries, statistics, manager changes, everything.”

His preferred way of gambling is accumulator betting.

The Business Management student said: “My friends think it’s crazy. Some days obviously I’m not going to win a bet, somedays I’ve lost three or four thousand. And the next week I’ll win it back.

“You just try not to think about it. The first time it happened it was bad. It feels like your life goes out of you.

“Now there’s no feeling, I take the hits. To build it up you’re not going to win every bet it’s impossible.

“This strategy I have means the odds in one in every ten bets I’ll lose.”