What do you think about free bleeding?

‘It’s a bit gross but not a big deal’

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A marathon runner grabbed headlines over the weekend after completing the London marathon without wearing a tampon.

Kiran Gandhi –– who is also a drummer for M.I.A –– came on her period the night before, but decided not to wear a tampon or pad to raise awareness of women “who don’t have access to tampons and despite cramping and pain, hide it away like it doesn’t exist”.

Holly, 24, Assistant Buyer


“I think it’s good she did it because it’s important to raise awareness about the issues facing thousands of women, and she’s certainly got people’s interest on the topic. I mean it’s a bit weird, but we’re talking about it so I guess that’s what she wanted.”

Stef, 24, Skincare Trainer


“I wouldn’t do it personally, but good on her. It’s shock tactics isn’t it? You could clearly see she was on her period and it makes people uncomfortable. It makes me a bit uncomfortable, but that’s what she’s drawing attention to isn’t it? We shouldn’t be so scared to admit periods are a thing which happen. It’s not a big deal.”

Scott, 44, Executive Creative Director


“I think it’s a cool statement, I’ve got no issues with it whatsoever. Why would I? She’s just doing her own thing and making people think as a result.”

John, 25, entrepreneur


“It kind of grosses me out. It’s definitely an issue which needs attention. Women who can’t get access to the stuff they need and then the subject is a bit taboo so it makes it harder for them. That isn’t good but I’m not sure a marathon was the right forum for it. It does seem a bit unsanitary.”

Louise, 21, hospitality

louise - Copy

“I think it was a good idea. It is a bit gross but then it’s what people who can’t afford tampons have to deal with and that’s part of her statement I guess. I don’t really understand how free bleeding will really change anything, maybe people’s perceptions. Either way it’s not a big deal: periods happen, people shouldn’t be made to feel embarrassed.”

Anna, 19, student in Poland


“If that’s what she wants to do then I’m open to the idea. It does seem a bit gross, but it’s not harming anyone so I don’t think free bleeding is a big deal.”

Jacob, 19, student in Poland


“I think it’s disgusting, but blood just makes me feel sick. I don’t think it’s okay in a public place.”

Bethan, 25, TEFL student


“I don’t really have an opinion because it doesn’t matter if you free bleed or not. I say good on her for highlighting periods aren’t something to hide or be ashamed of, and I definitely think it’s important people realise the issue many women have about affording tampons.

“I recently went on a march for homeless women about the same kind of issue, so I do think it’s important and the fact she’s done this and got people talking about it a good thing.”