Men fantasise about cheating more than women

They also think about masturbating strangers


Men officially fantasise about cheating on their partner more than women.

New research shows more men fantasise about cheating on their partners than women, with a scandalous 83.4 per cent confessing to getting off thinking about being unfaithful.

The saucy study – carried out by researchers at the University of Montreal – was conducted to find out exactly what makes a sexual fantasy weird.

After asking 1517 Canadians to rank 55 sexual fantasies, then describe their own favourite fantasy details, the researchers concluded that sexual fantasies vary so greatly across the population that very few can actually been described as “unusual”.


What’s he thinking about

Predictably, ultra-vanilla fantasies such as oral sex, threesomes and sex in public came out on top as some of the most common fantasies.

But some results are a bit more difficult to swallow. While more men fantasise about cheating, they are also joined by an outrageous 66.3 per cent of women.

And shut your curtains, ladies. A shudder-worthy 63.4 per cent of men participating in the study ranked voyeurism as one of their sexual fantasies.


Meanwhile, on the more unique end of the spectrum, 10 per cent of men and three and a half per cent of women revealed that they fantasise about being urinated on by a partner. Unbelievably, three per cent of women and just over two per cent of men also admitted to fantasies of bestiality.

Speaking to The Independent, Christian Joyal, the study’s lead author, said: “Overall, these findings allow us to shed light on certain social phenomena, such as the popularity of the book Fifty Shades of Grey with women.

“The subject is fascinating.”

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