What would you say to a Tube driver today?

I quite fancy a day off too

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Yet another Tube strike over the 24 hour service has caused havoc for commuters.

The entire London Underground network has been out of action since 6.30pm yesterday –– and a full service is not expected to return until tomorrow morning.

The strikes are over the new 24 hour service which is due to be introduced next month, but unions are concerned over shift patterns and work-life balance.

Obviously, many Londoners have expressed their fury at the strike. But surprisingly, others have been more sympathetic, and said we should “appreciate how good our Tube network is” before criticising the workers.

Mo, 26, TV Director


“Good luck to them, get what you can. You can’t stop people trying to get the best terms they can possibly get. At the end of the day if I came into work to try and get a pay rise and people have a go at me, I’d be like ‘It’s none of your business’.”

Ricardo, 29, Architect


“I get it why they are on strike, the only thing I’d complain about is we pay so much for our tickets and the service is not good. Even when they’re not on strike, there are delays and when you buy a month long travel card that’s not good.”

Matrice, 26, Forex Trader


“I’d tell them to keep trying for what they’re trying to achieve. Although I didn’t have to use the tube so I’m not really affected.”

Alexander, 26, Management Consultant


“I personally think it’s unfair they’re taking it out on the workers of London. I support them trying to better their working conditions, but taking it out on everyone else is not the way to do it.”

Andrew, 25, factory worker


“It’s only a tiny bit of inconvenience for everybody for a really important reason for them. Right on.”

Charlie, 29, Old Street Station stall owner


“Business has been very quiet today. We’re closing early and the juices are two for one today. I’m not really sure if the strike is justified.”

Soufian, 19, student at University of Hertfordshire


“They’re on £50,000 a year, have 50 days off a year and no normal job would get that. It’s ridiculous they’re striking, they’re basically strangling London because without the Tube London is in chaos.

“My uncle is a Tube driver and he said he’s only striking because everyone else is and he doesn’t really have a strong opinion. He said he sees this as a nice couple of days off.”

John, 57, Old Street Station fruit stall owner


“Business is down by about 70 per cent. It is what it is, don’t moan about it, move on and get ready for work tomorrow. I’ve been working here since 1971 so I’ve seen it all before.”