Outrage after Tesco raises minimum delivery spend by a massive 60 per cent

Every little doesn’t help

Angry undergrads have hit out at Tesco after the supermarket upped its minimum spend for delivery by £15.

The shopping giant is now forcing us to spend a whopping £40 before we can get our groceries delivered.

And we’re shelling out an average £24 a week on shopping according to an RBS study – and that’s not even enough to make the minimum delivery.

This means we need to double up with a flatmate on shopping or make the long trip to the supermarket alone.


Get your shopping delivered, trek to the supermarket or splash out at a local

Tesco’s price hike came into effect on July 23, following competitor Asda whose minimum spend was raised to £40 back in January.

On the other hand, Sainsbury’s have kept their lowest delivery cost at just £25.

According to the RBS Student Living Index 2015, we spend an average of £24-a-week on groceries, which is almost 40 per cent less than Tesco is asking for.

Second year Stirling Digital Media student Erin Smith told The Tab: “I spent my first year living in halls and relied on Tesco’s online delivery every week as the nearest big supermarket was well over a mile away.

“This means I would have had to either walk or get on the bus, which is not ideal with lots of bags.

“I am surprised that Tesco have done this, especially as the majority of people I know who use the service are students.

“I’m now living in a flat outside the city centre and have had to shop elsewhere as my weekly shop never usually reaches the £40 mark.”


The minimum delivery spend has shot up from £25 to £40

Alexander Bergström, a second year marketing student thinks this means we will have to share orders, even though this will be difficult and inconvenient.

He said: “No doubt Tesco are shooting themselves in the foot with this in some ways.”

Speaking on the price hike, a Tesco spokesperson said: “We’re changing the minimum basket spend for our grocery home shopping customers to £40.

“We understand there is an impact to how a small number of customers shop with us, however, we have given the issue careful consideration as we look to build a sustainable online business.

“Customers will still be able to benefit from a range of offers, including our Delivery Saver scheme, £1 one hour delivery slots and our free Click & Collect grocery service.”