Calorific holiday cocktails could be making you fat

A long Island Iced Tea is the same as TWO sausage rolls

Shocking new posters reveal the depressing amount of calories in your favourite cocktails. 

They reveal a Long Island Ice Tea has a whopping 720 calories — the same as two sausage rolls.

A Margarita contains 680 calories — the same as an entire roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings.

The graphic, which says, “Your favourite cocktails are making you fat”, was created by party planners Eventa, and compares the drinks to their hefty food equivalents.

Just two glasses of the boozy mix is over 70 per cent of a woman’s daily calorie intake and almost 60 per cent of a man’s.

Tucking into a beef roast dinner with Yorkshires adds up to the same calories as drinking just one margarita, and a pina colada is the same as a microwaveable lasagne.

At 112 calories, gin and tonic is on the healthier end of the spectrum, equivalent to a bag of pork scratchings.

A rum and coke (cuba libre) is the lowest calorie drink at 86 calories – the same as a shortbread finger.

The party planners give tips on “how to be more calorie savvy”, which include avoiding pre-made frozen drinks and sticking to one spirit and diet mixer.

View the crushing information here: