Apathy index: Which uni cares the least about their SU?

Over three quarters of UK students don’t vote in their SU elections

Slothful Stirling uni is the most apathetic place to study in the UK, with less than 5 per cent of students voting in this year’s SU elections.

The astonishingly poor turn-out of 4.75 per cent places Stirling at the bottom of The Tab’s apathy index, which ranks unis based on voter turn-out. This figure means their SU officals could be elected with the backing of only 2.5 per cent of students.

At the other end of the table, the tweed-clad and kilted golf-pros at St Andrews actually seem to care about their Student Union with 56 per cent of them exercising their democratic right.

For the vast majority of students, Unions are no-fly zones: filled with bland careerists and pointless people making pointless gestures. Given this it’s perhaps no surprise that average turn-out across the surveyed unis is less than 25 per cent. Over three-quarters of people at UK unis don’t vote in their Union elections.

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