Cumberbatch-obsessed fans queue hours before opening of Hamlet

He’s married, soz

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Benedict’s self-confessed “Cumberbitches” have been going crazy as the star prepares to take to the stage tonight in Hamlet.

The actor, who is playing the lead role in the Shakespeare tragedy –– which is opening at the Barbican tonight –– has broken their hearts by revealing he won’t be taking any fan photos or signing autographs. But that hasn’t stopped them queueing hours before the play begins in the hope of bagging themselves one of 30 tickets released every morning.

Rosemary, 25, Publisher


“I’m mainly here for the lols. He does torture very well and he’s also exponentially hotter as he’s getting tortured, because I do fancy him. How could you not? He’s got a very rubbery, malleable face I find attractive and also he looks sneery. He looks like he’d sneer at you and you’d somehow find that hot.

“I saw Ben Whishaw as Hamlet, I love Whishaw more though. He’s…phwoar. I’ve only actually seen Cumberbatch in Sherlock and Star Trek, but he was awful in Star Trek.”

Moa, 28, Masters student at Aberystwyth


“I see this as my official coming out as a Cumberbitch. I’ve been all over Tumblr and Twitter covering my wait for him. I reckon I devote about an hour a day researching what’s going on in his life. I look at ticket sales, what his next project is going to be and then just look at his Twitter and see what he’s doing. Fangirling is a full time job.

“I’m disappointed and surprised he’s not taking pictures with fans to be honest. His shoot to stardom is largely down to his fanbase, there will be a lot of disappointed fans. He strikes me as someone who is genuinely thankful for his following. Maybe he’s just having a bad hair day?”

Christian, 31, Web Developer


“I’ve been queuing for three hours. I’m actually here by accident because I’m here on holiday and every day I come to the Barbican to use their free Wi-Fi. I knew Hamlet started today so I thought why not?

“I’d call myself a mediocre Cumberbatch fan, but I do think he is a really good actor. He was obviously amazing in Sherlock. If he took a picture with every fan he would never get to sleep, so I think it’s fair enough he doesn’t want to be in any.”

Lena, 20, Logistics student in Germany


“We read about this in a pamphlet at the Tourist Information Centre. He’s a great actor so I thought it would be a great opportunity to see him. He’s one of my favourite actors, I love Sherlock.”

Catherine, 16, student in Germany


“I’ve been queueing for five and a half hours. I brought snacks along so I was well prepared. I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan of his, I like his acting more than the gossip surrounding him.

“Actually, I do when I think about it have a look at what he’s doing and see what’s going on with his wife, but I don’t Google his name every day.”

Natalia, 26, student at University of North Carolina


“I love him, but only enough to queue for one hour. I wouldn’t wait two hours for him. I love him as an actor, he was amazing in Star Trek.

“This is my last night in London, so it’s the perfect way to end my stay. I’m not going to cry about him not wanting to take pictures with fans, actors deserve to have a private life.”

Maria, 23, student in Mexico


“I’ve been here for three and a half hours, it hasn’t felt that long considering what I’m getting. Besides Sherlock, I love his minor role in Atonement. It’s a small role but the way he plays the character makes the whole film.

“He has a great charisma and he is oddly attractive but I’m more here for his acting ability and the play.”

Lionel, 18, Swiss school student


“I’ve been here since six in the morning. I love Benedict Cumberbatch because I think he is very expressive and he will be the perfect Hamlet. His last film The Imitation Game was just so good. I don’t care he isn’t taking pictures with fans, I don’t want to jump on him or anything.”