Casual sex makes boys worse in bed

If you get about you won’t last as long

Boys who have regular casual sex are likely to last less time in bed than those in relationships according to grim new research.

The study shows boys ejaculate faster if they have sex with a new girl, meaning we tend to not last as long when getting busy with a fresh partner.

Paul Joseph, who headed the study at The College of Wooster, Ohio said: “Men ejaculated more quickly when viewing a new woman after being exposed to the to the same woman repeatedly.”

The scientists came to the conclusion after asking 21 heterosexual guys  to provide samples every two days for two weeks.


More casual sex means you’ll be worse in bed

The volunteers were given a different clip to watch each time, with the first six clips featuring the same couple performing different sex act each time.

But the last video featured a new girl, and it was found that the blokes ejaculated faster when they were watching a different person.

Each clip lasted three minutes and they were repeated until the guys ejaculated.

When giving a reason for this conclusion, Joseph said : “Men preferentially invest more in new sexual partners.”

It’s not all bad news though as the study also found that men produced “higher quality” sperm when they encountered a new woman.


Stick to the same partner and you’ll last longer

Joseph said : “In our study, men produced higher quality ejaculates when exposed to novel, rather than familiar women.

“An increase in the total number of mobile sperm may result in higher likelihood of fertilisation and greater ability to compete with other male’s sperm, whereas a decrease in the time to ejaculation may decrease the likelihood of an extra-pair copulation (with a partner that is not your own) being detected.”