Why freshers’ week will be better than your summer holiday

Three words: Fire. Breathing. Grannies

Summer is here but as good as your lads/girls’ holiday and other summer plans will be, things are going to get a whole lot better once summer’s over and you’ve arrived at uni. Giant events like The Big Freshers Icebreaker have become uni tradition, the ultimate rite of passage between life as you know it and university… and now it’s your turn! 

‘Ooooo straight in my basket’

Freshers’ week is full of big nights out, blurry memories and cringeworthy regrets. There’s lots on offer but if like many you’re struggling to figure out which ticket to buy, take our advice and hit up The Icebreaker. This annual tour of mayhem brings everything from back-flipping stilt walkers to fire breathing grannies to your uni town and will be leaving 65,000 students exhausted, hungover, sore and satisfied.  

Tickets sell out weeks in advance so don’t wait until you’re at campus to get your hands on one. Click here for more information.

No more sunburn


Going to the beach is fun and all but no matter how hard you try there’s always one area of unprotected skin that manages to burn and hurt like hell for the rest of the week. In freshers’ week you’ll be staying out so late you’ll be stunned if you see any daylight.

Your parents won’t be there

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If you were unlucky enough to get roped into another family holiday round southern France (or God forbid to Center Parcs) then good news: your parents won’t be around in freshers’ week. No more embarrassing dinner table conversations, no more boring car journeys, no more casual nagging about the fact you didn’t get a summer job.

You’ll have more money than you know what to do with


As long as Student Finance don’t screw up (which is admittedly quite likely) you’ll start Freshers’ Week with a big sum of money dropped into your account that’s supposed to last all term. We’ll be amazed if it even lasts a month.

Nobody’s going to drag you along to ‘cultural’ landmarks


You can be in Magaluf or Lanzarote and there’ll still be one friend insisting you visit the local museum and check out the architecture of a nearby church. These people are ruining fun by trying to teach you something. In freshers’ week, classes haven’t started yet so you can stay as far away from needing to be knowledgeable as possible.

You won’t be sleeping in a tent


Festivals are great but let’s face it: you can do all that partying in freshers’ week to the same music and with a bed to go home to at the end of the night.