Summer blighted by a peak in cystitis

It can even affect men too

A drastic rise in cystitis is ruining summer for women. 

Cases of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) jump by a third over the summer months.

And experts have warned it’s caused because of a lack of water and all the sex you’ve been having.

Half of girls experience a UTI in their life, with the majority suffering from bouts more than once.

The bacterial infection is one of the most common in women and can often develop at festivals and on holiday as girls go dehydrated.

Symptoms include frequently needing to urinate, a pain when urinating and in the lower abdomen and cloudy urine.

Festivals are ideal for cystitis to develop

Festivals are ideal for cystitis to develop

And it’s not a problem limited to women. While less common, male cystitis can be more serious for its links to the prostate. If not treated quickly, the infection could cause considerable pain.

The guidelines by the NetWellness researchers will tell you that, men who have anal sex are more likely to develop cystitis. Women stand a greater chance of developing the infection as they have shorter urethras.

While easily treated – with water, ibuprofen and cranberry supplement – certain things can irritate the problem.

Dr Helen Webberley warned the infection can be aggravated by bubble baths, vaginal toiletries and sex.

She said: “An infection starts mildly and rapidly worsens into agony within hours.”

Just last month, doctors said anyone affected by an UTI will be able to buy antibiotics over the counter without a prescription.

Dr Kyle Knox, writing in the British Medical Journal, said: “It would seem a good idea for women to be able to access safe and effective treatment without the costs and delays associated with consulting a clinician to obtain an prescription.”

He claimed the move would free up three million GP appointments every year and slash the amount of time women are affected by cystitis.