Inside the wardrobe of the fresher Grazia, Elle and ASOS are lusting after

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Trying not to wear your joggers to uni for the fifth day in a row is tough, but lecture-chic is a walk in the park for this girl, whose blog fashion bibles are pining after. 

Camilla Ackley has just finished her first year at Bristol, and when she’s not pondering the meaning of life in her Philosophy lectures, her blog Into The Fold is being featured absolutely everywhere. Elle, Teen Vogue, Italian Grazia and the Debrief all love her style, and she’s even worked with ASOS, H&M, Longchamp and Warehouse.



As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, the 19-year-old has even recently developed her blog into an online magazine for young women. But the fashion icon would much rather have a spree on the high street than splurge on designers. She told The Tab: “I know it seems like because I run a fashion blog I’m going to have lots of expensive clothes, but you can find good quality stuff on the high street. Realistically, I’d rather have a whole shitload of Zara than one Chanel piece.”

Camilla’s style is compact, only bringing to uni versatile clothes rather than statement pieces. She added: “I look for stuff I can wear to lectures and on a night out because I don’t want to bring lots of different things up to uni.” She recommends her five key pieces to make dressing for lectures easy.

Plain t-shirt, Hollister, £15

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 14.05.34

‘I call this the ‘I’m contemplating why I did an arts degree and have to wake up at eight’ look’

“I did a project with Hollister the other day for the website and I know everyone thinks ‘Oh god Hollister, that’s the worst thing ever’ but I’ve discovered they actually do really soft t-shirts. Plus the logo’s small enough I won’t get egged in the street. It’s so soft and it goes with everything. I bought mine a size bigger so it looks oversized, and I think that looks nicer. I can wear it at home with skinny jeans or flares, but if I want to dress it up I’d wear it with a denim skirt.

Backpack, 90s throwback

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 14.07.26

“My mum bought it from Copenhagen in the 90s. I love it because it’s big enough to fit my big camera, my phone and my wallet. That’s all I ever really carry with me. It’s kind of old but it’s got a nice vibe about it. It’s the kind of thing you can wear with anything. I don’t take it into uni because I can’t fit my books in it, but on the weekend if I’m going around Bristol I’ll usually take this with me.”

Co-ordinate, Forever 21, £20

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 14.50.03

Perfect for lectures and clubs

“I did a project with Forever 21 and I’m obsessed with this at the moment. It’s pretty basic, literally just a little black top and a matching skirt, but it’s really easy to dress up or dress down. A co-ord is a staple anyway and I love it because I struggle to wear colour. I usually wear it with a chocker and white trainers with a denim jacket round my waist if it’s a bit colder.”

Adidas Stan Smiths, £60

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 14.08.14

‘You HAVE to emphasise how comfy these are in the article. These are literally the comfiest shoes ever’

“I wear these everywhere except if I’m going clubbing. If I’m going clubbing I’ll wear my Nike Air Forces instead, because they are already absolutely filthy. I want to have one pair of white trainers which don’t look like they’ve been run through the mud a million times.

“These actually look really nice with dresses. A little pattern dress and the trainers look cute. It’s nice to wear something other than boots in the winter and these are actually pretty warm. Also in summer they’re quite well ventilated. I don’t really know how that works, but it’s true.”

Baseball jacket, Forever 21, £25

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 14.09.10

‘It’s got the vintage vibe without smelling like old people’

“It makes me think of my dad going to university in the US and playing baseball. I have a slight tendency to fall asleep in my morning lectures and the jacket can double up as a pillow. But seriously you can just throw it over absolutely everything. I like it with a little denim skirt and a cropped T shirt with some vans.

“It’s perfect in London or Bristol when one minute it’s 20 degrees and the next you’re in the Arctic circle. It’s great for wearing during spring or autumn when you don’t want to wear a coat but realistically you need one.”