Monk guilty of harassment for telling lesbian grad to burn alive

He put homophobic letters through your door

A disgraced monk who terrorised uni towns has plead guilty to telling a lesbian couple “we used to burn people like you”.

Brother Damon Kelly, leader of a Catholic group called the Black Hermits, claimed to be doing the work of God when he posted homophobic pamphlets through the couple’s door.

The 53-year-old, who has spotted giving out his inflammatory leaflets in uni towns across the country, had a verbal confrontation with the women over his refusal to take back his hurtful note according to The Daily Mail.

The court heard how he returned to the couple’s house in Leicester two weeks later to deliver a hand-written note in which he accused “witches, gays, lesbians and sex-changers” of being “part of the Devil’s madness”.

Monk Damon kelly flyered all across the country last year

Monk Damon kelly flyered all across the country last year

One of the couple, who was not named, had heart palpitations when reading the letter in October last year, heard Leicester Magistrates.

Nigel Chapman, prosecuting, told the court one of the women felt “targeted” by Brother Kelly.

Kelly, who’s based at St. Patrick’s church in Corby, believed the women were sinners because of their sexuality and pagan beliefs.

The couple, who have since emigrated to the US, lived only yards from the park where Kelly was leafleting to members of the public.

One of the women was a Leicester postgrad studying Ancient History and Archaeology, while the other describes herself as a freelance writer.

One of Brother Kelly's provocative leaflets

One of Brother Kelly’s provocative leaflets

Kelly was released on bail whilst the court ascertains whether he is fit for unpaid work.

Last year, he appeared in areas days before Gay Pride events to spread his propaganda.

In August 2014 the priest-like man flyered in Brighton, before moving onto Stoke-on-Trent in September. 

Student houses were targeted with the sick messages in Lincoln, Cambridge, Loughborough, Leicester and Brighton throughout October and November, which said: “Christmas is the invasion by God into the world.

“He created out of pure love; which through man’s evil has become a polluted landscape of de-humanized people, debasing themselves with their false gods and fetishes.”

The leaflets given out in Cambridge described AIDS as ‘God’s punishment for gays’ and transsexuals as ‘possessed by demons’.

He was arrested in December for causing a disturbance in a residential area in Cambridge after he leafleted several student areas. He has been banned from the city.