Doctors say get pregnant at 23 if you want to have three children

‘Everyone thinks you can wait – you can’t’

If you want to have a big family, you need to settle down quick and have children by 23. 

Fertility experts said we should be warned about their lack of time to get pregnant before they get carried away with life and delay motherhood.

They claim women need to start early they want a strong chance of having three or more children.

Professor Allan Pacey, a Sheffield University fertility expert, told the Daily Mail: “We haven’t got a time machine we can put people in….that’s just a blunt reality.

“Everyone thinks you can wait – this shows you can’t.”


Couples who want two kids should start by 23 if they want a 90 per cent chance of conceiving with using IVF. Women who want just a single child should start trying at 32-years-old.

The news comes after it was revealed half of babies are born to women over the age of 30.

Experts warn prioritising a career or waiting for Mr Right could be delaying motherhood and crushing the chances of having a big family.

It might seem scary to have to settle down just after finishing a degree, and probably with your partner you met at uni, but Professor Pacey said the young age was a sensible figure.

He said: “You’ve got to factor in that people don’t necessarily have children in quick succession.

“What it is saying is that if you’re relaxed about having three children, you can wait until you are 35, but you’ve got to start early to be certain.”

Doctors came up with fertility calculator after using data from more than 58,000 women.

Several couples this year have got engaged or even tied the knot and had children.


Durham second year told The Tab how she suffered from morning sickness in her exams.

Her son Teddy, who is six-months-old, was born mid way through uni.

Anna said: “My exams coincided with the height of morning sickness. I was supposed to do six, but only ended up doing two. I threw up in one and had to leave another to throw up.

“Everyone at uni was excited for me. I tried to keep it a secret as we hadn’t had the scans, but I couldn’t stop myself from telling people so they all found out eventually.”