I graduated this summer and now I’m an internationally famous DJ

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Cassy Brooking graduated from Westminster just two weeks ago, and she’s already embarking on an international career as a DJ which makes your grad job seem really really dull.

22-year-old Cassy is also known as Cassyette, a play on her name and “cassette”, inspired by the 80’s style which influences her sound.

Talking about her music Cassy says: “It’s basically a mixture of deep tropical house & LA synth pop. But there are no real rules – I just tend to write whatever I feel and hope that it makes people want to have a good time.”


DJing with MIC’s Mytton


Cassy graduated two weeks ago


She now DJs around the world


Cassy also cheers in her spare time

The Essex grad, who’s also on the West London Wildfire cheerleading squad, managed to juggle her three year degree with her passion for DJing, after her gap year working in a music studio in Soho.

She said: “It was good practice for what I’m doing now.

“My last year of uni did get a bit tricky, late night partying and playing out doesn’t exactly mix to well with your finals, but I got through it and I’m really happy that I did.”


Her latest track is available on Soundcloud


Cassy also DJs for Missguided launches

She’s now pursuing her music career after graduating with a 2:1 in Commercial Music.

“The moment uni finished I went a bit wild blew off some steam, but now I’m DJing full time and absolutely love it.

“My plans now for over the summer are just to play in as many places as possible and try to get some time in the studio. I’m not doing a formal tour but I’m getting to travel loads. I’ve just been out in Spain with the We Are Forever crew, we had an entire castle to ourselves for four days and I literally didn’t sleep.

“Then in a couple of weeks I’m heading out to Ibiza with the Felon boys. In my downtime I’ve just been working on new material and finishing up some new tracks.”


She lists 80’s and tropical house among her influences


She’ll also be spending some time in the studio this summer

Cassy’s family are supportive of her new grad career, which also sees her DJing regularly with fashion brand Missguided. She says: “They are literally my number one fans haha. I think my friends also quite like the fact they have constant invites to events and parties I play at – I love how they’re the first people in front of the decks dancing.”

You can download Cassyette’s new track Panther Death Claw on her Soundcloud here, or check her out on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Instagram.