We tested out the bizarre new drink promising to get rid of hangovers forever

It actually worked

Medics rambling on about what legends they are has become an integral part of university culture. They’ll constantly tell you how they work 25 hours a day but still fit in big nights on the sauce a good eight nights a week, and the founders of “OHAYO” are no different. They claim they supported their savage lifestyle by inventing what they believe to be “a small, tasty drink that helps your body feel better after drinking alcohol.”

Founders Sanam and Douglas reckon they’ve created what it takes to end those bed-ridden mornings, when nursing a headache as you stumble dizzily to the fridge for an orange juice you kid yourself will make you feel better.

'Ohayo' means 'Good Morning' in Japanese

‘Ohayo’ means ‘Good Morning’ in Japanese

According to their website, “OHAYO is full of the same stuff you find in rehydration powders, vitamin tablets, milk thistle, and other nutrients that help boost your system:

  • Some B vitamins to fight fatigue
  • Other B vitamins to help with headaches
  • Magnesium to support your electrolyte balance
  • Potassium to help maintain a normal blood pressure
  • Milk thistle to protect and support your liver to eliminate toxins

“By helping your body rehydrate before bed, you’ll wake up with less dry mouth, headache, and other ill effects of drinking – and be ready to take on tomorrow.”

Committed to testing their claims, we got some kegs in and smashed some beers to find out if this little drink could really change the game forever in the way they promised.


As it reached mid-afternoon on a drizzly Sheffield afternoon, it felt the right time to start getting freaky.

Rory more excited than Ben

Seasoned rugby boys Ben and Rory bought in to the culture with a keg of Heineken each, as the girls sipped on Vodka with Passionfruit and Mango Sparkling water. As the drinking games started and the cards came out, everyone turned to the kegs in an attempt to mix their drinks and ensure maximum hungover-status the next day.




She knows how to pull

As the sun finally gave up trying to penetrate the clouds and the grey sky turned to black, it became apparent that everyone had over-committed. We were half-ready for bed already, so in attempt to catch up necked a half bottle of vodka too.

Power nap

Power nap

After getting a tactical nap in, everyone was ready to hit the town. We mixed rum, vodka, whiskey and gin to get the full Ohayo experience the next day. The drink count was futile by this point, but everyone was satisfied they were suitably drunk. House music was being enjoyed and no MD had been taken – proof of serious intoxication if ever there was any.






After making the journey home in one piece, everyone was ready for bed. We approached the fridge optimistically, looking forward to suckling on the teat of recovery. For Ohayo to work it has to be taken after a night out drinking, but before the morning after.

Rugby boy Rory downed a bottle in one, claiming it tasted “like a rugby social” and he’d be “very angry” if it didn’t work. The rest of us slowly sipped our way through the 150ml bottle of bright yellow liquid, which tasted as much like piss as it looked. It tasted a bit like camping.

Eyes red with optimism

Eyes red with optimism

The results

To the surprise of all involved, everyone woke up feeling great. A dry throat was all that separated the morning from any other, and a quick pint of water sorted that out a matter of moments later. We were back to our normal morning activities without any of the horrible experiences of the hangover we deserved. We were able to go for a run, to go back to sleep, to catch up on our group chats with only the fear of what we did last night but none of the sickness.

We’re now considering buying it in bulk for freshers. It tasted fucking awful, but it really did work. OHAYO can be picked up from Harvey Nichols, or on their website for the cost of a double vodka red bull, but at £3.60 a go, bulk buying may not be the cheapest of ideas.