Grad job places up 77 per cent and you’ll be paid more than ever

It’s all going to be ok

The class of 2015 have reason to be smug after figures show that grad vacancies in all sectors have shot up compared to this time last year.

The stats, from, also reveal that starting salaries have jumped significantly compared with 2014.

The number of grad jobs advertised is up 77 per cent compared to the same time in 2014 and 7% on the period between January and March this year.

These guys have a right to celebrate

These guys have a right to celebrate

The average annual salary for a grad now stands at £26,000, up three grand on last year’s.

According to Reed, the industries boasting the highest growth for graduates are motoring and automotive and construction and property.

But never fear as over two-thirds 37 sectors analysed have increased their job search by 12% or more.

This year's grads have a right to be smug

This year’s grads have a right to be smug

The industries advertising the most graduate opportunities are recruitment consultancy, sales, education, technology and marketing & PR.

Grads that are looking to be accountants or work in financial services have the highest potential for p, with annual average starting salaries close to hitting a loan-busting £40k a year.

If you got a first, you're definitely going to be alright

If you got a first, you’re definitely going to be alright


Engineering grads and developers are also in high demand, and on average net over £30k in their first year of post-uni life.

Unsurprisingly, the South East has the highest density of graduate vacancies. Graduates working there can look forward to taking home a salary of £26,964, slightly above the national average.

With this year’s grads being the first to leave uni with £27k debt, there’s high expectations for the the class of 2015 as they expect to earn £25,557 per annum compared to £23,857 last year.

What’s more, more grads than ever are looking to continue their studies whilst earning, as the apprenticeship sector has attracted 85 per cent more applications from graduates in June 2015 compared to the same time last year.