521 pills, 233 bags of weed and 101 bags of ketamine seized at Secret Garden Party

That’s over £5,000

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A whopping £20,000 worth of drugs were seized by police at this year’s Secret Garden Party. 

Smart nosed cops made 24 arrests over the weekend for drug related offences, believed to mostly be dealing.

A huge 521 ecstasy pills were found, making it the most popular drug worth £5,210.

This was followed closely by its purer cousin MDMA, with 174 seizures totalling almost £7,000.

Ketamine was back after a long drought, with 101 seizures of over £3,000, and £5,000 worth of cocaine was also snatched by police.

Cambridgeshire drug officers on site nabbed a rough total of 233 £20 bags of weed, ranging from small one gram bags, to joints, resin and 1/8th bags, adding up to £4,660.

Police on site issued a “Dangerous Drugs Alert” warning Gardeners a number of people had been hospitalized for taking unknown substances.

In a poster they said: “A number of Gardeners have had to seek urgent medical assistance after taking unknown drugs.

“The drugs they’d taken were NOT what they thought they were and have caused serious medical complications.”

A police spokesperson added: “It was produced by officers on the site. We do not have figures on the number of people hospitalised, but it is believed to be at least 10.”

In all the drug officers grabbed nearly 1500 drug items during the festival.

Cambridgeshire police released the figures exclusively to The Tab. Included in the breakdown were four wraps of Ethyltryptamine, four seizures of DOB (Dimethoxybromoamphetamine) and nine wraps containing benzocaine, for which the street value is unknown.

Here’s a full run down of what was taken.