The morons are coming (again): The best of 2015’s freshers groups

Get ready

Come August, they’ll be posting about their A-Level results, packing up their uggs and leavers hoodies and noisily moving into halls. They’ll invade your clubs on the wrong night of the week without knowing any better, their faces irritatingly full of hope and optimism. All that is to come, but for now you can just admire their awful posts in freshers groups.


You can’t see his profile photo but Azad’s got lovely hair


Bit harsh Alex

fave_pot_noodle copy

An exclamation point, because this is important


Ma-julie is ice cold

Lincoln’s freshers have already found a star in Ben, who’s here to party and get bitches and doesn’t care who knows it.

bensherrif copy

Lincoln better watch the fuck out

sheriff_soc copy


sherrif_on_long_term_relationships copy

Ben giving some relationship advice



Sophia is ready to move on


Thanks Ian


Catherine’s having an absolute mare

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