Revealed: Which uni smokes the most cigarettes?

Got a light?

Chain-smoking undergrads at Glasgow uni are spending more money on cigarettes than any other students in the UK.

According to a recent NatWest survey, the average cigarette spend per student at the Scottish uni is £2.30 a week, equivalent to nearly £120 (or a dozen packs of 20) per year.

Out of the English unis, Manchester came top with an annual spend of over £85 on ciggies, with Birmingham, Liverpool and Cardiff among the other unis to spend more than the national average of £50.44.

Both smokers and non-smokers were asked about their spending habits and so Newcastle’s place at the bottom of the table, with an annual spend of just £5.72, would suggest the Tyne is a largely smoke-free zone. Either that or they’re all bumming cigarettes off everyone else.

Also near the bottom and expecting to live long, cancer-free lives were Exeter, Oxford and Norwich.

Find out how much people at your uni are spending on cigarettes in the table below.