WTF: Bournemouth is the best uni for employment prospects

Oxford was the second worst

In the most bizarre research of all time, Bournemouth, Aston, Loughborough and UWE have topped the tables for employment prospects.

Shockingly, new stats based on graduates in full-time employment after six months of finishing uni have landed both Oxbridge unis in the bottom 10.

Former poly Oxford Brookes also came in the top five for unis to go to if you want a job after your three years.

Bournemouth ranked first with 70 per cent of graduates in employment, with Aston, Loughborough and UWE all scoring 67. Two thirds of Brookes grads lined up work.

Home of the posh St Andrews had the worst score, with just 40 per cent of graduates managing to find a job. They were followed closely by academic powerhouses Oxford – who scored a pathetic 46 per cent.

These stats do not include part-time work or postgraduate study.

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