Grad refused hotel room as staff thought she was a Romanian prostitute

She was told: ‘I’m sorry, but we don’t accept Romanians’

A graduate was denied a room after a hotel clerk accused her of being a prostitute.

Hull grad Alecsandra Puflea, 22, claimed she and her boyfriend were turned away from a Holiday Inn Express when they tried to check in earlier this month.

The former Criminology student said front desk staff at the hotel in Hull wouldn’t allow her to stay overnight after discovering she was from Romania.

But Holiday Inn Express have denied it was a case of racial discrimination.


Alecsandra Puflea was suspected of being a Romanian prostitute and turned away. Photo: Myspace

Alecsandra was allegedly told the hotel had introduced a policy of screening guests who they thought were involved in illegal activity.

This came after Romanian women were found to be using the rooms for prostitution.

She had booked the room online, but when she arrived, she claims the receptionist told her: “I’m sorry, but we don’t accept Romanians.’

She told Caters news agency: “It was an awful experience and quite shocking.

“He took one look at my ID and said that I could not stay in the hotel. I tried to show him my British driving licence but he said I cannot stay in the hotel because I was from Romania.

“I was really confused and I didn’t understand why they would do this. There were other customers standing around so I was very embarrassed.

“I was in such disbelief and shock that I left the hotel.”


The incident took place at the Holiday Inn Express in Hull

Alecsandra was so upset she filed a complaint with police, which she claims led to her to discovering the real why reason she and her boyfriend were denied a room.

She said: “I was very upset when I found out the reason they asked me to leave – not all Romanians are prostitutes.

“It did make more sense when I found out the problems they had in the past, but it is still discriminating and wrong.”

Debra Hutchins, manager at the Holiday Inn Express, declined to comment on the reason Alecsandra was refused a room, but denied she was turned away because of her race.

She said: “This is definitely not a case of racial discrimination and the hotel declines to comment any further.”

The hotel has apologised to Alecsandra and is reviewing its local policy to prevent more awkward situations in future.