Cameron shames NUS for siding with ‘jihad supporters’ CAGE

He’s not angry, he’s just disappointed

NUS higher-ups received a stern telling-off from the most powerful man in the country today, for passing a motion proposing to work alongside a controversial Islamist civil rights group.

With a face like your tutor’s after you’ve admitted not doing the week’s required reading, David Cameron said in his disappointed voice: “When you choose to ally yourself with an organisation like CAGE, it really does in my opinion shame your organsiation.”

You've let me down, you've let yourself down...

You’ve let me down, you’ve let yourself down…

As the PM pointed out, CAGE have been widely criticised for referring to ISIS executioner Jihadi John as a “beautiful young man” as well as telling people to “support the jihad” in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CAGE directors Moazzam Begg and Asim Qureshi have also previously expressed support for the creation of an Islamic Caliphate under Sharia law.

Despite these controversial statements, the NUS voted in May to work alongside organisations such as CAGE to lobby the government over the Counter Terrorism and Security Act.

The motion, which was apparently passed without discussion, was widely criticised at the time. The National Secular Society said of the news: “The NUS appears to be giving Islamism a free pass.”

Beleaguered president Toni Pearce responded to the criticism by saying that although her organisation had voted to work alongside CAGE, she had no intention of ever doing so.

She said: “I want to be clear that we have no relationship with CAGE, and will not be working with CAGE in the future.”

This mis-step followed news the NUS also refused to condemn ISIS because that would be islamophobic.

Earlier today an NUS spokesperson said: “In response to the misleading comments made by the Prime Minister this afternoon, NUS wants to make it very clear that, as previously and categorically stated, we will not work CAGE in any capacity.”