What was the last thing you had in your mouth?

Never knew there were chocolate Twisters

food last meal what was the last thing you had in your mouth

Hungry? Fancy a snack? Welcome to the world of extremely average food taste and boring cravings. 

George, 21, Musician


“I had a ham roll. It was the only thing left in my fridge at home. The ham-to-bread ratio was poor though.”

Suliet, 25, Marketing Assistant


“Jacket potato with tomato and fishy sauce. The tomato filling was exquisite. My jacket potato was really yummy. I had it because it was the only thing in my house.”

Anna, 18, Gap year


“I had burnt toast for breakfast and it’s now 2:30pm so I’m pretty hungry. Reckon I’m going to grab something right now actually. It was the only thing I could eat before I left the house.”

Vicki, 17, Sixth form


“I was hungry so I grabbed a brie, tomato and basil baguette because it was the first thing I saw on the shelf. It was really delicious. I would rate it six out of 10.”

Ally, second year English at Birmingham


“I love sushi, I’m a big fan of sushi. I fancied something healthy and sushi with avocados are really tasty, so I had sushi and avocado.”

Becky, 18, student


“I had to go to the station really early this morning and the only thing I’ve had to eat today was a block of chocolate was my lunch. Mmmm I love chocolate.”

Lauren, UCA student


“I had granola and it was a great breakfast not going to lie. It was a brilliant ratio of being cheap and healthy.”

Verena, 17, on holiday


“It was pretty average, I had a Sainsbury’s meal deal. I grabbed a salmon sandwich and a bottle of coke as I was hungry.”

Susan, 18, Student


“Tuna sandwiches are reem, so I had one. That is all.”

Dominika, 19, Restaurant hostess


“I really LOVE chocolate and a chocolate Twister is full of chocolate. It’s so sunny today how could you not have an ice cream?”