Women lie about their sex life even more than men

You’re not fooling anyone

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Women are more likely to cover up their sexual past than men – a new study claims.

A startling 27 per cent of women admitted they had fudged the number of notches on their bedpost to a new partner, compared to just 22 per cent of men.

The new study, by filthy sex toy firm Lovehoney, revealed that almost all of the women who bullshit about their sex life are lowering the figure.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a tragic 31 per cent of dishonest men artificially inflate their number.

He's definitely lying about his number

He’s definitely lying about his number

The survey of 6,000 people looked at how a couple’s sexual history affects their current relationship.

It also revealed than women are more nosey than men. 36 per cent of the women surveyed wanted to know the gory details of their partner’s sexual history, whilst only 23 per cent of men were bothered.

These women want to know about your sex life

These women want to know about your sex life

We should all stop worrying about our number so much because only three out of ten women and just over one fifth of men said they would be put off if a potential partner had slept around lots before them.

Encouragingly, the survey also shows we care more about a potential partner’s personality more than their looks or grad scheme. But men’s interest in appearance is still double women’s.

Personality 67 per cent

Sense of humour 15 per cent

Sexual chemistry 8 per cent

Appearance 5 per cent

Intelligence 4 per cent

Job 1 per cent


Personality 68 per cent

Appearance 10 per cent

Sense of humour 9 per cent

Sexual chemistry 8 per cent

Intelligence 4 per cent

Job 1 per cent


You don’t have to look like Barbie or Ken to get laid