Fitties with firsts: A photoshoot

Beauty AND brains?!


Most of us mere mortals are happy to settle with our 2:1s. They might guarantee us middling grad jobs and dull small talk on first dates with unimpressive Tinder matches, but they’ll never make us happy the way a first would. The only consolation is imagining that at least the weirdos with firsts don’t have a social life, at least they don’t have a good aesthetic, at least they’ll never be as fit as you.

But then these beauties come along, and your pathetic 2:1 has no defence.

Adam Payne, Literature and Politics at Liverpool


“To be honest it hasn’t really sunk in – it’s just an email for me at the moment. Come graduation it will all probably feel a bit more real. I did put a lot of effort in when it mattered so I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t chuffed. I’ve been taken out for a lot of meals as a result so I have no grounds to complain.”

Sofia Jassim, Architecture at Nottingham

‘Architecture is literally blood sweat and tears’

‘You cut yourself making models, you run around getting your work done and you break down in tears every other weekend’

Sofia asked the builders working on her house to help with her photos

“I’m still struggling to believe it. I never thought I was gonna get one so I let myself have more of a social life than most Archis.”

Laura Reid, PPE at Manchester

A smiley snap with her first class dissertation

Lucky Laura is holidaying in the South of Spain right now to celebrate

Natural beauty Laura got a prize from the Dean for outstanding achievement. She told us: “I dean see that comin’.”

Bobby Palmer, English at Leeds

A gentleman and a scholar

Humble Bobby says: “The general consensus from relatives is the university must have made a mistake.”

Matt Roberts, History at York

Those dimples

“By getting a first i have proved to myself that I can consistently produce work of a high standard and form coherent and original arguments from a wide variety of sources.”

Shraiya Thapa, Spanish and Portuguese at Edinburgh

Shraiya asked the visiting boiler man to snap this pic

Keen Brazil fan Shraiya spent her year abroad studying in Rio. She said it feels “awesome” to get a first. “It was such hard work having to go to South America for a year.”