You’re more likely to get cystitis at a festival if you have sex

Festivals aren’t so cool now are they

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Not washing for days and sleeping in a woefully thin, £10 novelty tent at a festival can leave you smelling like a rotting pigeon and also put you at risk of catching a urinary tract infection.

A leading dermatologist explained you’re “more likely” to get cystitis at a festival if you have sex and don’t wash.

The combination of mud, dirt and bad loos means you could also be at greater risk of picking up e-coli or diarrhoea.


There is no implication any of these girls have cystitis

Expert Dr Alison Cottell, who exposed the link between festival wristbands and boils, told The Tab: “You are more likely to get cystitis after not washing for a few days at a festival.

“The general health advice for women is to urinate directly after engaging in sexual intercourse.

“Of course, in a festival environment, this is much harder to do than in normal life, where the facilities are less than salubrious.”

Symptoms of cystitis

• Pain, burning or stinging when you urinate.
• Needing to urinate often and urgently but only passing small amounts of urine
• Urine that’s dark, cloudy or strong smelling.
• Traces of blood in your urine.

Dr Alison did stress there has been no specific research to prove the link between urinary tract infections and an over-exposure to Florence and The Machine.

But she advised festivals are very risky places for your general health.

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Our sexpert recommends bringing multipacks of baby wipes to festivals

Particularly dangerous is the risk of bacteria from fecal origins. Dr Alison added: “Mud and dirt and potentially animal faeces can get on your hands and fingers.

“This could lead to e-coli or diarrhoea when transferred to food.”

Undeterred, we spoke to The Great British Sexpert, Rebecca Dakin about how to have sex at a festival without contracting cystitis or a clawing feeling of regret.

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