Meet the UK’s sexiest vegans

They can’t stand dairy but aren’t they yummy


There’s nothing more attractive in a potential crush than properly militant veganism –– and these eight young fitties know it.

Four smoking hot boys and girls are running against each other like the bulls they’re trying to protect in order to be crowned the UK and Ireland’s sexiest vegan of 2015.

The contest, held by the animal lovers at PETA, has reached the finals as the winners will be announced this Monday 20th July.

In between mourning the deaths of the delicious cattle murdered by the farming industry, these hunks and stunners are posing to prove, in their words, “that compassion really is sexy”.

Check them out and vote for your favourite.

Natalie Overton, 29

Geordie Natalie went vegan after reading diet book Skinny Bitch, which advocates women to “stop eating crap” and lose weight.

She said: “My eyes were opened. Once you know what really happens, you cannot forget.”

Natalie calls herself “just a friendly vegan girl looking to change the world one meal at a time” and loves to unwind with a nice campaign at a PETA-organised protest in her hometown.

Cynfelyn Nancarrow-Lei, 21

Imperial Chemistry student Cynfelyn went vegan four years ago in protest against the slaughter of animals.

He said: “I no longer wanted to participate in this, so changed to a vegan diet in one day.”

He plays an active role volunteering for his university’s Animal Protection & Education Society and spends his spare time swimming, cycling and playing the guitar.

Anna Solaiman, 29

Anna describes herself as a “crazy animal lover, dancer, runner, laugher, and food inhaler”. The Essex beauty is originally from Bangladesh and loves tempting her friends with vegan Bengali cuisine.

Anna works as a makeup artist and meet lots of different people and clients every day.

She said: “This is always the perfect opportunity to talk and spread awareness about animal testing and animal ingredients in products they may be using, as not everyone realises how much animal abuse there is in the beauty industry alone.”

Thomas McMahon, 24

Devon-born Tom was a vegetarian for nine years before making the switch to vegan earlier this year, wanting to live with what he calls clearer conscience.

The conscientious musician, who fills his days rehearsing and performing with his band The Computers, said: “The meat industry is both barbaric and completely unsustainable.”

Virginia Bruno, 24

Lancashire gal Virginia describes herself as a “glass half full” kind of person.

She went vegan for the health and environmental benefits as well as for animals’ sake.

Virginia is currently training to become a yoga and pilates instructor.

Nick Johnson, 34

Surrey-born Nick first went vegetarian when he was eight. But after seeing a picture of a tasty calf taken away from their mum, he learned about the cruelty of the dairy industry and went vegan.

He works in an exciting job in sales and lives with two rescued pups.

Amy Collins, 25

Brummie Amy is a kind, compassionate and outspoken person with a fun and bubbly personality. She claims she went vegan out of disgust for the meat and dairy industries.

She loves snowboarding and hiking but her real passion is rescuing and rehabilitates injured birds.

Ashley McKenzie, 28

Leeds artist Ashley decided to go vegan one year ago after being vegetarian for 10 years.

He said: “I feel that if you can slaughter an innocent being for pleasure purposes, you leave no room for compassion in your heart, making you detached from the Earth and life on it.”

Ashley claims to strive to be a voice for the animals who suffer in the factory farming industry and are unable to speak for themselves.

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