Boobs or bum?

‘100 per cent bums’ 

best female body part boobs boobs or bum bum

It divides a nation, and has been debated since Keeping up with the Kardashians first appeared on E!.

Jordan, or Kim K? J-Lo, or Kelly Brook? Do you prefer a nice peachy arse, or a lovely pair of coconuts?

Ben, 23, Birmingham graduate


“Bums, and I am not even sure why. I think it’s just a feeling you get inside.”

James, 19, Guildhall Uni


“Yeah it has to be bum. Have you only been asking blokes? Well maybe boobs, but they have to be okay boobs.”

Ben, 22, Teesside Uni


“Well I am gay, so I am afraid it’s going to obviously be bums for me.”

Charlotte, 21, Teesside Uni


“100 per cent bums. They’re just nicer than boobs, aren’t they?”

George, 23, Builder


“So I have to tell you which one I like? Errrrr ok bum. I don’t know why, it is better than boobs.”

Ben, 17, on work experience


“Arse, you can’t go wrong really.”

Abbie, 21, Teesside Uni



Jack, 18, Junior Broker


“Yeah it has got to be bums for me. There is just something about them.”

Matthew, 22, Lawyer


“Ummm, what if you’re gay or straight? Yeah I’m sorry it’s not going to be a boobs one.”

Jonas, 23, visiting his sister in London


“I don’t know. Maybe more boobs than bum. I don’t know why really, just is. They are nicer.”

Jack, 18, Guildhall Uni


“I think I’d say bum. Is that what everyone has been saying? Yeah, they’re just nice aren’t they.”