Everyone on the internet is mouthing off about the budget


Our student grants were axed and replaced with loans we have to repay in this morning’s budget announcement, and everyone’s been going off about it online ever since.

Precious grants, worth up to £3,387 per year, will need to be paid in full after graduation from 2016-17, and unfortunately for George Osborne, some people haven’t been taking it very well.


Declan knows


Andrew thinks Cameron is a craic killer


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Why and how


Hate to say we told you so


Some of us got deep


Some of us got angry

While the majority of students were complaining about the implications of the budget, there were others who saw the bright side, and just wanted to get in on the fun.


Just came here to read the comments


You’ve Got Time (but not maintenance grants)

On Twitter though, everyone was a lot more explicit.


In the budget speech, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said: “Universities are one of jewels in crown of British economy.”

“When we reformed in the last parliament, we were told it would put people from low income backgrounds off from going, but now we see a record number of these students applying.

“But we can’t afford to this unless we tackle cost of maintenance grants. If don’t tackle this, our unis will become underfunded.”

But the move to scrap maintenance grants was criticised by University and College Union general secretary, Sally Hunt, who said they were “crucial for engaging students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are already daunted by cripplingly high tuition fee debt”.

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