You can now buy a siggie ring with your uni crest for graduation

They’ll even engrave your precious 2:1

You can now show off your graduation pride with a flashy signet ring instead of shoddy hoodie emblazoned with the uni’s new urban logo. 

Forget the crest of your family’s aristocratic bloodline, students are getting the name of their uni on the front of a ring – just to let everyone know what they’ve been up to for the past three years.

Whether you got a first or a third, you can even get your grade on there to flaunt your top class job prospects at unsuspecting passers-by. Or your beaming parents could engrave a cringe “so proud” to congratulate you on passing.


Do you love your uni this much?

Company Eva & Eva produce the bling for over 50 universities, including big guns Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and Leeds plus a wide range of polys.

They even make signet rings for the Open University.

But rocking an engraved siggie can be pricey, and while silver bling starts at £67, a gold ring can set you back way over £1000.


A sweet sig and untucked shirt combo

Maria Jewsbury from Eva & Eva London said: “A lot of students buy rings at their university graduation ceremonies, but some come back a few years later when they’re feeling nostalgic, or have a job.”

Studio Manager Susie Crompton added: “In terms of most popular universities, it seems to be pretty evenly spread across UK.

“We do sometimes notice trends among certain subject groups: Humanities, Engineering and postgraduate business degrees.

“In the early years it was still niche but has grown a lot in the past few years and is particularly popular with people giving it to someone graduating as a gift.

“Common engravings are personal inscriptions such as ‘so proud’ from parents, graduation dates, subjects or graduate’s own initials.”


Siggie rings even look slick in black and white

And some grads are lapping up the uni branded siggie rings.

Ex-UCL maths student Jules Leclair, who is now an assistant private banker, told The Telegraph: “I decided to buy one as it is something we do not have in France.

“I may be wrong, but this old school accessory represents, in my opinion, some values I am aligned with, such as pride, achievement, hard work, dedication, to name just a few.”

Oxford theology grad and siggie lover Bianca Abulafia not only wears the uni crest on her finger but also her family symbol – a castle – on her other hand.

Bianca said: “People often try to work out what the engravings on my graduation ring mean, more so than with my family signet ring.

“Americans always immediately recognise what it is, though, and ask where I went to college – it’s definitely a conversation starter.”

Like to huff of a cig while rocking your sig? Have a look out our cigarette and signet ring photoshoot.


Matt from Exeter styles a charming gold number, shielding his cigarette from the wind


Jack from Downing College, Cambridge says ‘Marlboros are red, camels are blue. Siggies are gold and too good for you.’


Smoking five at once is the only way to reach flavour country according to Harry from Pembroke College, Cambridge


Charles from Durham insists the cig and sig combo is purely ironic


Tom from Nottingham’s siggie got him put in the bin during his schooldays, but look at him now


‘I don’t always smoke. But I do always wear my siggie ring’ said Charlie from Durham


Brad from Exeter saves his biggest siggie ring for church on Sundays