Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones says uni is a ‘complete waste of time’

He would say that, he didn’t even go


Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones has denounced uni as a “complete waste of time” for wannabe entrepreneurs.

The loudmouth business talent made his name investing in drab household products like Reggae Reggae Sauce –– but when Dragon Peter Jones, 49, was quizzed about uni, he might as well have said: “I’m out”.

Speaking ahead of the new Dragons’ Dens series, the 6 ft 7″ serial entrepreneur claimed hard-working school leavers should scrap their plans to go to uni if they want to run their own businesses one day.

He explained they should instead sign up to his own enterprise academy.

Peter Jones from Dragons' Den is 6 ft 7"

Peter Jones from Dragons’ Den is 6 ft 7″

Tycoon Peter, who is believed to be worth £475 million, believes hands-on experience is more valuable to future entrepreneurs than studying.

He told the Daily Mirror: “For entrepreneurs, university is a complete waste of time. You’re not gaining any enterprise experience.

“To be a doctor you have to go through it. But for an entrepreneur? No.”

Peter, who never went to uni, has 36 academies across the country where young business minds can follow a one-year part-time course while working.

He added: “We’ve been brought up in this country to believe entrepreneurship can’t be taught. That’s absolute hogwash.”

The Dragons’ Den businessman will star alongside Deborah Meaden and a new cast including investor Nick Jenkins, restaurant entrepreneur Sarah Willingham and clothing mogul Touker Suleyman.

But he will stand at least a head above them as beanpole Peter Jones is the same height as Peter Crouch and Stephen Merchant.

Dragons' Den

Peter Jones towering over the old Dragons’ Den cast

So far on the series, Peter has invested in Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Sauce, the recyclable packaging Tiny Box and garden landscaping device WoodBlocX.

He also owns high street photography shop Jessops, following a £4 million investment.

Dragon Peter’s comments come after Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK, Rory Sutherland, claimed he’d rather hire students who graduated with a 2:2 or a third over the “weirdos” who gained a first.

The boss of one of the most influential marketing companies in the UK said: “If you’re at university and you’re surrounded by the opposite sex, drink, drugs, parties and you sit in your room reading Thucydides, then you’re probably a bit of a weirdo.”

He added when businesses are made up of intellectuals, they “make things far more complicated than they need to be”.

There’s hope for you yet –– and see how much you’re going to earn with your “waste of time” degree below.