You should have slept with over ten people by the time you’re 25

But it’s harder to find ‘the one’

Your sexual partners should be in the double digits by the time you hit your mid-twenties, according to a new sex survey.

Maybe your mates told you you’d eventually start getting lucky at uni and now it’s true, as the average twenty-something has shagged an impressive 10 people.

And with a revolving bedroom door, one in seven of you will race through 20 or more sexual partners before you finally settle down.


The average 25-year-old has had 10 sexual partners, but probably not all at once

But we’re not all lusty lothatios, as one in five will marry the special one who took their virginity.

And being a pessimistic bunch, a third of us don’t think we’ll ever find a life partner, says a survey of 2000 people by Samsung.

This is because we now have no fear of divorce, according to nearly 70 per cent people questioned.

Blame Tinder, but we’re having twice as much premarital as much our parents –– who only managed five notches on their bedposts before settling down.

President of the Relate relationship charity Sir Cary Cooper said: “For today’s 20-somethings it is goodbye job for life, marrying your teenage sweetheart and putting down roots in your own bought home, and hello portfolio career, Tinder-style dating and generation swipe.

“This study shows the sheer speed of social evolution as within just one generation we have moved from stick to switch.”


Goldrush and Tinder are clearly making it easier for us to get lucky

Elsewhere the survey revealed how just nine per cent of young people own their own home.

And with towering student loans and sharp house prices, it’s not surprising nearly half of those aged 18-25 still live with mum and dad.

Once we finally find a place to live, under 25s expect to move house 14 times over the course of their lives.

Facebook friends aside, the figures also confirm you’re more popular than your parents, as we’ve got an average 113 mates compared to the over-50s who have a feeble 33.

Maybe confusing social media with real life, over one in 20 claimed to have more than 500 friends.

Comparing us to our parents, gap years are infectious, so we’re also more likely to travel the world than them as under-25s expect to visit at least 16 countries in their lifetime –– our parents managed just 10.


Don’t ask your mum if she went on a gap year

What’s more, over two thirds of us are willing to drop everything and move abroad compared to 31 per cent of the older generation.

Samsung IT and Mobile Vice President Conor Pierce said: “It’s clear from these results that people today expect to switch and swipe their way through life.

“The experiences of a younger generation will be markedly different to that of their parents and this new digital generation are unafraid of change.”

Where you go to uni can also define how much sex you’re having.

Our big sex survey revealed Leeds Beckett are top shaggers, having slept with a staggering 14 people already.

Polys seem get friskier more often, as Napier and Northumbria stormed second place with an average of 11 sexual partners each.

Luckless Leicester, UEA and Warwick were at the bottom of the table, claiming a measly 6.4 bedroom conquests.

But the bold national average of 8.2 shows we don’t have too far to go until we reach double figures.