Fizzy drinks kill over 1000 people a year but is that going to stop you?

‘If your body is less healthy, your spirit will suffer’


Fizzy drinks kill as many as 184,000 adults a year –– including 1,316 in the UK, scientists claim. 

Sugary, energy and iced tea drinks are causing thousands of deaths and conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, according to a recent study.

Now health experts claim over 1,000 people in the UK die from sugary drinks each year, will you keep guzzling potentially lethal cans of fizz?

We went out onto the streets of London to ask sweaty office workers what they think about the shocking new stats.

Hannah, 21, intern in PR


“I don’t think this will change my habits at all. I don’t drink fizzy drinks.”

Daniel, 21, start-up worker


“I’m a little sceptical. I’m not going to change anything. There are probably a lot of other things that will contribute to my death before fizzy drinks.”

Jane, 33, solicitor


“I don’t really drink fizzy drinks. I don’t buy fizzy drinks, and I wouldn’t give them to my children. I’d only drink a Diet Coke with dinner once in a while.”

Tito, 24 and Louise, 27, charity workers


Tito: “If your body is less healthy, your spirit will suffer. Your body needs to be light so your spirit can be free.”

Louise: “They rot your teeth. Pregnant women can’t have them.”

Sarah, 25, intern in digital art


“I don’t drink them a lot. They’re rubbish. But my favourite fizzy drink is Coke.”

Daniel, 23, construction worker


“Yeah, they’re going to hurt us.”

Mr Jung, 23, student


“They are bad because they kill people.”

Will, 24, theatre lighting designer


“I think that they’re not healthy.”

Liz, 30, communications


“But people aren’t educated well enough around sugar. We need to be told sugar can be quite harmful.”

Otto, 30, editor


“Clearly, they’re pretty bad for you. You don’t drink it and die, but they are marketed evilly.”

Ersen, 28, freelance cameraman


“It’s definitely unhealthy. I wouldn’t buy a can of Coke. It’s the sugar that’s bad.”

Sam, 29, video producer


“You can’t directly associate dying with a fizzy drink. I don’t really drink fizzy drinks that much.

“If I do it’s Fanta or Coke. I drink it in moderation. Anything in moderation is okay.”

Cathy, 53, pharmacy worker


“This won’t change my opinion at all. My favourite fizzy drink is Cherry Aid.”

Paul, 40, IT consultant


“They’re unhealthy, generally.”