A fool proof guide to looking banging on holiday: Girls’ edition

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You’re going away in two weeks’ time, the panic’s set in and your crash diet has gone to pot.

Your best pal is a straight up 10 and you’re left feeling like a solid three on a good day. She’ll have nailed her glam beach look while you’ve gone for a safe and utterly boring denim shorts and vest combo. Posing for a beach snap is something most girls dread, but the thought of updating your wardrobe gives you the fear.

Everyone wants to look their best on their holidays, but with exams right before you leave, often there’s no time to diet – let alone exercise. But look no further, we’ve got the only guide you’ll ever need to keep your holidays fresh and stress free.

Which diet you should be on now

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If the gym isn’t your thing, then healthy eating is a less strenuous and tiring option to get in shape. Body cleansing is often a controversial way of dieting, but Shona Wilkinson, Head Nutritionist at the Nutri Centre, says if it’s done properly, it can have some great results.

The supplements specialist told The Tab: “You should consider cutting down on sugar – including sugary drinks like cordials and fruit juice with added sugar – any deep fried foods, cakes and puddings. If you must have something sweet, try a couple of good quality, dark chocolate squares.

“Consider cutting down on animal milk products like cheese, yoghurt and milk for a week or two during a cleanse. Think about reducing your intake of wheat, but we don’t advise cutting out wheat long term unless you have genuine food intolerance. Good alternatives to wheat include rye, oats, buckwheat, quinoa and brown rice.

“Avoid black tea and coffee, and try herbal teas like green tea, nettle leaf, chamomile and caffeine free coffee substitutes made from grains or herb roots instead. You may wish to avoid meat during the cleanse, but this is optional.”

Head to the gym

Gym ready, summer ready.

Gym ready, summer ready

Your uni gym membership has come to an end and you managed to go once during the whole year. But that’s no reason to hide away from bikinis on the beach.

George Swankie, a 20-year-old physique competitor who runs George Swankie Fitness, has some top tips for a last minute boost: “To tone up, I would look mainly look into compound lifts: exercises which incorporate more than one muscle. They essentially give the best bang for your buck, such as squats, dead lifts, bench press, military press, pull ups and so on. Heavy weight, high volume, high intensity would be the most effective way of doing it.

“Cardio wise, high intensity interval training is definitely more effective than going on a treadmill and walking endlessly. An example being 30 second sprint, 60 seconds walk. This can be performed on any of the cardio machines.”

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George added: “One of the biggest delusions is high rep exercises with low weight is the best way to tone up. Toning up is essentially dropping body fat and increasing muscle mass. The best way to do this is lifting heavy. Girls are often scared they get bulky, but this won’t happen. If it was that easy, all guys would look like bodybuilders.”

What to wear when you’re away

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Nailed it

You cleansed your body and toned to perfection, but the next dilemma to face is what to actually wear. Is it possible to stay cool in 30 degree heat and still look fashionable?

Fiona Armstrong, a fashion graduate who recently started up her own brand Gypsy Heart, says kimonos are still huge this year. She said: “Kimonos are great for the beach. I really like them, they’re good cover ups. I especially like the ones which are detailed with beads and tassels. The vintage bohemian feel works really well on the beach.

“If you’re spending your summer in the UK, then you’re going to hopefully expect some sunshine, but then again a shower of rain every hour. It’s great to have a light mac raincoat, especially in colours like bright yellow. If you’re on holiday it’s best to keep the materials you wear light and flowy.”

Perfect the summer glow with these make-up tips

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Don’t spend hours plastering on foundation, only for it to melt off in the scorching heat.

Sarah Jane Murphy, make-up artist and owner of Onyx salon, said: “MAC prep and prime is amazing. It’s also got SPF 50 in it, which keeps your skin protected against harmful UVA rays. The SPF 50 also keeps your make up on and stops it from sliding off in the sun.

“I’d also recommend Kiko Milano long eyes plus active mascara. It’s honestly the best mascara I’ve ever tried in my life. I fell in love with it when I tried it in Spain. Highlighters are a must for girls on holiday. I love MAC soft and gentle, it’s got a really nice finish, as well as Blush Creme which has a great pink tinge and you can use it on your eyes, cheeks and lips.”

Make sure your photos do your hard work justice

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You’ve put all the effort in, so you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle and come away with appalling beach snaps. It’s usually so bright everyone looks washed out, and all those hours of tanning have gone to waste, or it’s so unflattering the photo will never see the light of day.

Photographer Gabriella Reid said it’s all about the light: “It’s a lot about the light, as in what way the light is hitting you. If it’s bad lighting, then you get bad shadows, which can make you look unflattering. You should also stand with your back straight, you don’t want to be slouched over, and don’t face the camera straight on. Have your arm on your hip, or in your pockets, to break your body up.

“Usually I’d play about with my camera settings to allow less light in. If you’re using a phone, then I think it’s better to have the people facing the sun and the person taking the photo with their back to the sun. That way the sun isn’t behind the people, and you shouldn’t get it being too bright. Or if there is a shaded bit, then use that.”