Dropout convicted of assault for biting his ex on the bum

The lawyer said he ‘went too far’

A uni dropout who bit his lover’s bum during sex has been convicted of assault after she complained to police.

Sam Price, 23, and Lizzy Sandlin, 20, had an on-off relationship and ended up in the sack after exchanging flirty texts on Valentine’s Day.

But drunk De Montfort quitter Sam “went too far” and got rough, pulling gap year student Lizzy’s hair and biting her on the neck.


Love bite too far? Convicted Sam Price. Credit: Facebook

A court heard how she started crying and got up, but the ex-couple, both from Cheshire, returned to bed.

Once Sam got her back under the covers, he bit on her the bottom and then on the thigh.

Lizzy told how she snuck out before calling the police.

Biter Sam apologised but admitted he “couldn’t believe” he’d been convicted for assault.

He told officers he was “not out of control” and that Lizzy had been “moaning” during the romp.

Sam claimed to have bit her on the bottom to “cheer her up” and the the bite was just an attempt to “turn her on”.

He said: “I really can’t believe it would go so far as to get to court. Of course I apologise.”


Rough sex ex Sam. Credit: Facebook

The court heard how the incident happened at Sam’s £1 million eight-bedroom family home near Chester.

Lizzie said: “He was very drunk, blind drunk. He completely overstepped the mark. I was shocked.”

She told The Sun how taking her former lover to court was the “hardest” thing she’d ever done, and now she has been left with major trust issues.

She added: “I went to the bathroom half way through the assault and I thought I had two choices –– I could either tell him how upset and hurt I was and face him turning even more violent.

“Or I could try to ride it out until he fell asleep. I pretended I was OK until I could sneak out.

“I was just in shock that he could be so different to the Sam that I thought I knew.

“Before this I thought he was the sweetest guy and he worked hard to earn my trust.

“When I woke up in the morning I knew I had to do something so I went to a friend and then I went to the police.

“I just want him to know that it is not OK to behave like that.

“Maybe I would recover from it fine –– but what about other girls and what if it got worse?”


Lizzy Sandlin spoke out against Sam’s behaviour. Credit: Facebook

Lizzy, who now suffers anxiety over the attack, added: “I think I am doing him a favour in making him realise it’s not acceptable.

“I don’t know how I will trust someone again.

“I thought I knew him but there was clearly a side to him I didn’t know and I had to go through the police and court to make him face up to it.

“I would like an apology and an explanation but the fact he pleaded not guilty shows me he doesn’t even care.”

Sam has been given a 12 month community order and must pay £200 compensation to his former lover and £850 costs.