Fit uni: You voted Leeds your most beautiful university in the country

The Kings in the North

Four weeks of voting and over 60 universities have come down to this, the final result.

Over 3,000 of you voted in the final as attractive heavyweights Leeds, Newcastle, Cambridge and UCLan battled it out for the coveted title.

In the end it was Leeds who triumphed, with a massive 1,218 votes. The kings in the north were hotly contested by Newcastle, who nipped at their heels and came in second place with 1,139 votes.


“Fit for Cambridge” managed only third place, with a decent 706 votes, while UCLan managed a lowly 339.

Aesthetically pleasing Leeds graduate Jack Cummings called it a “great result”. He added: “I’m very proud. Prince Harry only dates Leeds grads for a reason.”