Are you an ambitious workaholic or a laid back creative? Take this quiz

Do you use chopsticks or a fork?

Some of us are just relaxed, creative and fun while others are stressed out joyless toads – according to psychologists.

They believe we all slot into just two very different personality types – those who actually sort through their inbox and those who run around with a snapback on backwards.

And now Tumblr blog 2 Kinds of People have illustrated research from psychologists to help you find out exactly which type of person you are, type A on the left and type B on the right.


Hundreds of notifications on your phone or do you bother to keep it all clear?

Type As are ambitious, status-conscious impatient workaholics and Bs are chilled, lean towards creative jobs and aren’t quite as addicted to competing with others.

Artist João Rocha draws out everyday objects and scenarios, showing how each personality type will react.

So whether you’re the kind of nark who keeps their inbox tidy or a lazy beast who chomps straight into a bar of chocolate , your actions can reveal your personality type – but which one are you?


Faff around with chopsticks for sushi or dive right in with a fork?

Rocha told The Huffington Post: “I don’t know how I came up with it, to be honest.

“The idea that you have all these sort of differences that span gender, religion, age or nationality, that set you apart from some and bring you together with others.

“Regardless of who you are, and however different you may think you are from anybody else, you will always have something small in common even with someone that’s the entire opposite of you.

“You may be a devout Christian or an ardent atheist, and still prefer to cut your bread the exact same way.”


Are you the kind of dick who wears a snapback facing forwards or the kind of dick who wears a snapback facing backwards?


Do you tell people you’re listening to Berlin techno while you’re actually listening to folk with subtle in-ears or blaring over-ears?


Keep the dull WiFi your internet provider gave you or come up with your own absolutely hilarious and classic name?


They might be filled be bacon or might just have hummus inside, but do you like sarnies cut into rectangles or edgy triangles?


When revising for the big exam, do you leave in a neat bookmark or roughly fold over the page corner?


Prefer to watch your favourite shows on a TV (with or without a license) or on a laptop in your room?


Carefully break up chocolate piece by piece or take a dirty big bite straight into the bar?